Class Sessions
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We welcome visitors from out of town to join us for a workout. But we expect that all drop-ins have at least 3 months of consecutive membership at another registered CrossFit Affiliate. If you have less than 3 months of CrossFit experience, please contact us so we can find an appropriate class day/time that will work for you. 
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: CrossFit
Location: CrossFit Winter Park
Free Trial
We have options for free trials in both our CrossFit classes and Bootcamp classes. The CrossFit free trial is designed for anyone new to CrossFit. There are specific class days and times listed on the next page. If you'd like to try a Bootcamp class, any of of class times are available for a free trial. Use the link on the next page to sign up, and we will contact you to schedule the exact day and time. 
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: Bootcamp, CrossFit
Location: CrossFit Winter Park
Boot Camp Punch Card
This is 10 class punch card to be used specifically for boot camp classes only at CrossFit Winter Park or Blue Jacket Park. Sessions expire in 45 days. Unused session do not roll over.
Limit: 10 Sessions
Programs: Bootcamp
LocationsCrossFit Winter Park
On Ramp
Regardless of a person’s past athletic experience or current level of fitness, everyone who joins CrossFit Winter Park is provided with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of our program in two, separate sessions with a coach. We will review technique, proper movement patterns, safety, and terminology which helps build confidence and prepares you for our regular classes.
Please note: No shows or late cancellations are subject to service fees.
Limit: 2 Sessions
Programs: On Ramp
LocationsCrossFit Winter Park